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Lieing to the east of Bolton, Seven Acres country park is a 15 acre site lieing within the Bradshaw Brook valley. It is owned by Bolton Metropolitan council and managed by a dedicated team of volunteers, under the leadership of an officer from the Lancashire Manchester & N.Merseyside Wildlife Trust at their environment centre on Bury Road Breightmet. The park has a wide range of habitats, including heathland, grassland, open water and broad leaved woodland. Despite being surrounded on all sides by well built up areas it is home to a thriving community of wildlife. Its specialities are wild Roe deer, Dipper, Kingfishers and wood land birds.

Since May 2011 I have walked through this park at least five times a week and have always been delighted by the wildlife that I have seen. I am particularly interested in the dippers that live on the river and how they cope with life in the winter. Time I thought once again to bring out my camera. From November 2011, as autumn rapidly turns into winter, it is my intention to follow these birds and hopefully tell their story along with the rest of the wildlife in the park. I hope you enjoy the read and thankyou for taking the time to visit.

November 24th 2011
November 25th 2011
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